Abu Dhabi Job : Orthopedic Surgeon Specialist For Immediate Joining

Job Type : Full Time ;2 Years contract

Orthopedic Surgeon Job Duties
Conduct patient interviews to discuss their concerns and symptoms, and gather information about their medical history and allergies.
Educate patients about treatments and procedures.
Make diagnoses, and do surgical and noninvasive procedures.
Prescribe medications and supplements.
Keep updated records of patient services and treatments.
Develop post-operative care plans, and recommend lifestyle changes, such as changes in diet and exercise that will offer benefits during the healing process.
Examine surgical instruments and equipment to ensure they are sterile and ready for the procedure.
Supervise and guide the education of medical students and residents.
Refer patients to other medical professionals such as physical therapists.
Provide families with treatment updates and educate them about the recovery process.

Orthopedic Surgeon Job Essential Skills
Communication skills. Orthopedic surgeons must be able to explain diagnoses and treatment plans in terms the patient can easily understand. They must also be able to lead and manage multidisciplinary teams of healthcare staff.

Problem-solving skills. Orthopedic surgeons encounter complex problems on a daily basis, and must be able to make decisions quickly and with a reasonable amount of confidence.

Good manual dexterity. A high degree of manual dexterity is essential in the orthopedic surgeon job description. An orthopedic surgeon must also have good hand-eye coordination, as well as excellent vision and visuospatial awareness.

Physical stamina. Orthopedic surgeons must have the excellent physical stamina to cope with the demands of surgery.

Job Location: Al ain City
License Type: DOH/HAAD License
Salary Range: 30000 Dhs-40000 DHS
Job Type: Job Type 1

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