Health Consultancy and Planning of medical projects

Unihealth Management consultancy provides assistance to those who are involved in the
procurement and management of Furniture & Fittings, Fixtures & medical Equipment including
budgeting, selection and installation planning.
Medical & Non-medical Equipment Planning is a specialized process and requires not only a clear
understanding of the clinical need but also an deep knowledge of budgeting, architectural
design and building process.

Unihealth Management consultancy deliver its health care projects as per below process
There are generally five phases in a healthcare project delivery process consisting of the following:
 Strategic plan phase
– Mission
– Internal and external assessment
– Strategies and initiative
– Financial plan
 Project launch phase
– Project delivery team
– Master plan
– Master project budget and schedule
 Design phase
– Schematic design
– Design development
– Construction documentation
 Construction phase
– Start-up
– Project construction
– Equipment delivery and installation
– Certificate of occupancy
 Occupancy/ Commissioning phase
– Move planning
– Building commission
– Staff training
– Staff and patient occupation

Unihealth management consultancy can help you with :
 Provide information that helps and ensure that the medical equipment planning process is cost effective and well-planned; policies are followed; mistakes are avoided and a successful outcome is achieved.
 Ensure that the FF&FE procurement process affords an on time, on budget and fit for

Unihealth Management consultancy get involved during the Strategic planning phase to identify major capital
equipment, budgeting and layout requirements however, generally our health planning expert team are
engaged at the beginning of the design phase.
Unihealth Management consultancy expert team advise architects of how equipment
should be integrated to the assigned medical project architectural drawings

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