Transfer DHA Health Professional License to MOH or HAAD license.

Transfer DHA License to MOH or HAAD/DOH how it is  possible!?


We understating well the placement restriction when an health professional with DHA Eligibly letter  get an offer from a facility under different authority !?

♦  Transfer DHA License to MOH or HAAD License is possible only for license Holder.

   Where as

♦  Transfer DHA eligibility  letter to MOH or HAAD is not possible for any candidate yet to join a health care facility in Dubai city

At Unihealth Consultancy we provide  a unique temporary placement solutions where we enable health professionals candidates to activate their eligibility  letter and become license holder through out our wide  network of medical facilities in UAE.

 Its Important always to know

♦ Health Authorities of UAE DHA-MOH-DOH/HAAD are mandating different type

      of examination in order to practice in UAE, Each exam allows you to practice in specific emirates


♦ Transfer DHA License to HAAD/DOH License

     Haad/Doh health professional license will you to work under any facility in Abu Dhabi or Al ain & Western Region.


♦Transfer DHA License to Ministry of Health /MOH license

       Ministry of Health /MOH license will allows to work only in Sharjah and in northern emirates such as , Ajman, Ras Al       Khaimah, Fujairah & Umm Al Quwain.


Documents required to transfer DHA License to MOH or HAAD License

  • An active license from current facility or cancelled license not more than 6 month

  • Good standing certificate not more than 3 month if you will transfer to HAAD License and not more than 6 month if license to be transferred to MOH

  • Experience letter not more than 2 years

  • Dataflow report

  • Educational certificate

  • Home country license

  • Passport copy

  • Offer letter from new sponsoring facility




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