Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance Assessment and Accreditation Support

unihealth management consultancy expert team having wide knowledge and understanding of various healthcare accreditation requirements and quality improvement

Our Healthcare Accreditation Support services includes:
offering support before, during, and after the on-site survey. Preparing your organization for accreditation provides the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of your business as it relates to the accreditation standards, and enables you to identify any gaps in compliance and make necessary adjustments.
Conducting multiple awareness sessions to support healthcare professionals and management staff for better understanding the accreditation requirements and standards .
Conducting assessment visits to medical facilities to understand current status and perform risk assessment against accreditation guides.
Support and advice health care managers to deploy the required policies and procedures, incident reporting system, amend/prepare forms and templates as needed, as per accreditation guide and best practices,
Developing and updating health care facility vision, mission, organization structure and strategic plan.
attend health facilities accreditation meetings whenever medical facility has inspection by regulatory bodies
Conduct specific healthcare professionals training and awareness sessions
Gap analysis and deploying policies and procedures to comply with standards
Support the healthcare facility management in accreditation membership registration and document submission.
Support the healthcare facility team in conducting documents review (Patients files, staff files, pathways, checklists and others within accreditation scope)
Assist concerned healthcare facility staff in developing performance measures and monitoring process

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