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First Aid, CPR & AED

Our most popular course required by all employers and a must for every household. 
  • Unintentional injury is a leading cause of death internationally. 1 out of 7 people will sustain an injury requiring emergency medical treatment at some point during their life.  The need for people with first aid skills is critical in decreasing permanent damage and increasing recovery. Equally important this course satisfies the legal requirement for companies who require First aid trained staff as required by UAE Labour law. 
  • This course certification is approved by the Department of Tourism  
  • REPS 
Why use us? 
  • You will be trained by experienced instructors who are passionate about what they do, they have seen it all in their careers. 
  • You will not only receive training; you will receive the best interactive practical training available in a classroom setting.  
  • Instructors use role plays with different scenarios during the training and we strive to copy reality as close as possible. 
  • Every second counts when saving a life, especially your loved ones. Life is short, make it count! 
Who should attend? 
  • Any person interested in becoming First Aid certified. 
  • 10%* of company employees as required by the UAE Labour law. 
  • Children from the age of 12 and above are also welcome. 
  • Active sportsman & woman 
  • Fitness or Yoga Instructors 
  • Teachers & Coaches 
  What you will do during your practical evaluation? 
  • Assessment of a responsive and unresponsive patient 
  • Complete 2 min of CPR on an Adult, Child & Infant 
  • Operate the AED as a lone responder 
  • Assist an Adult, Child & infant chocking 
  • Manage bleeding control 
  • Provide spinal immobilization on a suspected spinal injury 
  • Place a patient in the recovery position 
  • Secure a patient having seizures 
  • Recap questions on online theoretical part 
  • advanced first aid course training

Advanced First Aid

Our advanced course is highly recommended for individuals and companies who are looking for more than just a first aid certificate. Emergency response teams and Safety officers are inclined towards Advanced First Aid. This is a very interactive course and requires quick thinking and on your feet decision-making. Who should attend?
  • Any individual above 12 years old can attend this interactive course.
  • Companies exposed to a high risk working environment such as the Oil & Gas and manufacturing industries
  • Sports couches at school and club level
  • Personal trainers
What you will learn?
  • Triage & treatment of multiple patients
  • Physical challenges when accidents occur in the work area or at a work site
  • Covers much more than the fundamentals of First Aid
  • First and Secondary assessments
  • Discussion on administering Oxygen to the patient.
  • When and how to act if a patient is choking
  • Scene assessment and safety
  • Wound Management
  • Bleeding control and Burns
  • Splinting of open and closed fractures
  • Amputations
  • Securing and managing a trapped patient
  • Discussion on maternity emergencies
  • And much more….
Practical assessments and scenario based training would include.
  • Practical assessments on CPR and operating of an AED
  • When and how to act if a patient is choking
  • Scene assessment and safety
  • Wound management, burns and bleeding control
  • Splinting open and closed fractures
  • Dealing with fractures & spinal immobilization
  • Log-rolling a patient on a spinal board with suspected spinal injuries
  • How to manage a partial or complete amputation
  • How to manage an impaled object
  • How to stabilize a patient having seizures
  • Roleplaying leadership roles in mass casualties
  • How to use an epi-pen when a patient is unable to do it themselves
First Aid, CPR & AED Training As a requirement for this course, students must complete the online theoretical component before they can attend the classroom session. Duration & Venue
  • 2 days (16 hours)
  • 4 students minimum to a maximum of 12 students
  • Different venues can be used.
  • For companies it is recommended for the training to take place in the work area itself
Accreditation & Recognition ASHI is internationally accredited and approved by DCAS (Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services)