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DHA Health Licensing Services

Nursing and Allied health professionals

Nursing and Allied Health Professional aspirants must be from National or International recognized nursing or paramedical colleges/Universities with Bachelor’sdegreese with a course duration of not less than three (3) years. Or, Diploma not less than eighteen (18) months course duration if applying as an Assistant. DHA Health Licensing Services will be the ultimate solution to practice for health care professionals. 

General Practitioners applying for DHA License

As a General Practitioner, you are required to be a graduate with Qualifications of BBS or MBChB or equivalent qualification from a recognized Medical School/College of Medicine. You also need to have Successful completion of the internship program and two (2) years of clinical experience as well.

Specialist physicians applying for DHA License

Specialist physicians can apply for Specialist Title by completing the following: You must hold an MBBS or MBChB qualification from a recognized Medical School/College of Medicine in the UAE and have completed this specialty, along with three years of post-qualification experience if you are under Tier (3). If you are under (tier (1) or (2) you will be exempted from experience post-qualification.

Consultant physicians 

A physician who wishes to apply for the consultant title in the UAE must have an MBBS or MBChB from a recognized Medical School/College of Medicine, along with his specialty qualification per the Recognized Specialty Certificate. There are two tiers of consultation certificates, Tier (1) and Tier (2). Tier-1 consultants are required to have two years of post-qualification experience while Tier-2 consultants require five years of post-qualification experience.

Look No further than our DHA license agency in Dubai. Our DHA health licensing services can help you with the paperwork, so all you have to do is

Specialist Physician

General Practitioner

Nurse/Allied Health

DHA license for Surgeon/Orthodontic/Internal Medicine/Family Medicine/dermatologist/Others
Package includes:-
DOH license for Medical General Practitioner / Dental General Practitioner

Package includes:-

DOH license for Nurses, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory and others

Package includes:-

We have made DHA license registration for doctors and other medical professionals very easy, and convenient. Our DHA health licensing services ensure there’s nothing stopping you from engineering a medical career in Dubai.

All you need to do is, email the below document to our email licensing@unihealthmc.com and we will take care of the rest.

The candidate has sent the required documents to our email:Licensing@unihealthmc.com.We will conduct the eligibility ASSESSMENT for you (We can o get this done on the same day). If the applicant’s qualifications meet the UAE Licensing standards for the required, they have to pay the required fees and start their process.

Once payment is received, we will submit your DOH/HAAD application as per the below process 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, candidates can apply for the exam without processing DHA dataflow if their qualification has met the licensing criteria.

Yes, nursing candidates can apply for UAE Exam from outside the country 

UAE exam type depends on the title you applied for, Mostly Nursing and allied health care are entitled to a CBT exam where the Consultant will be eligible for an oral examination.

Health professionals with DOH/HAAD examination are permitted to work in Abu Dhabi and Al ain cities

No, in UAE, there are three different health authorities, and each exam is valid for a specific City. 

The exam is valid for five years. However, candidates shouldn’t be in a practice gap for more than two years.

Yes, Candidates who hold active UAE Medical licenses can transfer their licenses to another authority without a new examination.


The DHA Eligibility letter is a permit to seek a job under a specific health authority, whereas the DHA license is a final permit to practice under a particular facility.

Yes, we do provide some exam sample questions to shall assist in practicing before going for final exam 

Health professional is eligible to apply up to try times across the UAE’S Health Authorities. 

Candidates can book the exam at any time and choose an appointment per available slots in the exam schedule.



At Unihealth  Management Consultancy we provide  a unique temporary placement solutions as we enable health professionals candidates to have their eligibility letter activated under one the owned managed medical centers across UAE authorities.to shall  become license holder for temporary 3 month placement under the desired authority where the eligibility letter is issued from .

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