Healthcare Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing healthcare management services is the most economical way to efficiently operate your health facility without incurring additional costs. We offer an excellent solution for health investors looking to concentrate on their core services and optimize their facility's resources.
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Healthcare Professional Licensing Services

We have assisted numerous health professionals in pursuing successful careers in the UAE. Our team is highly experienced in meeting the professional qualification standards of the UAE, ensuring that your application is submitted correctly to save you both time and money
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Healthcare Facility Planning

We specialize in planning for healthcare facilities that meet international standards and ensure optimal resource utilization. We have the expertise to develop a design concept that meets your vision.
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Our team possesses extensive experience in dealing with the entities listed below, and we are dedicated to ensuring consistent, high-quality results

Our Healthcare Management Services

Explore UniHealth Consultancy’s comprehensive healthcare management services, tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and institutions in the UAE. Aligned with the guidelines of Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the Ministry of Health (MOH), our team provides strategic guidance, licensing services, and ensures compliance with UAE health authorities. Discover the depth of our commitment to your success with a concise, tailored approach to healthcare management.

healthcare professionals

Healthcare Professional Licensing Services

We have helped many health professionals to peruse their successful health careers in the UAE, Our team is well experienced in the UAE professional qualification standards.

Health License Transfer Services

We provide a stress-free and affordable license transfer service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which reduces the risk of failing the UAE Medical Examinations or waiting till you get a job offer letter from your employer or a certain facility.


Health Professional Planning & Resourcing

We specialize in planning for healthcare facilities that meet international standards and ensure optimal resource utilization. We expertise to develop a design concept that meets your vision.

Why Unihealth Healthcare Management Consultancy?

Get To Know How We Work

We begin by carefully reviewing your project details and essential information. Through detailed analysis, we identify gaps and outline necessary actions. Our expert consultants then create a strategic action plan, ensuring compliance with the highest standards. 

Study your Case

We go through your detailed projected we study all relevant information.

Data Analysis

We do analysis to identify gap and necessary actions


Our consultant will provide you the action plan to comply with the standards 


Once agreement is side we will start implementation

Do You Need Help?

Our Healthcare Consultant is ready to assist you with the better advices

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Discover Health Professionals' Experience With Us

We take pride in assisting numerous candidates in launching their careers in the UAE and are delighted to receive positive feedback from them

Frequently Asked Questions!

No, it’s not mandatory, but health facilities should have a medical director and health professionals based on their operational specialties.

You must meet the licensing criteria in accordance with the UAE unified requirements

Some facilities can be fully owned by foreigners according to the new UAE rules, while others may require a service agent or UAE ownership

Here are the key points to consider when seeking recognition for your license within DOH, MOH, and DHA:

  1. A Valid UAE License: To benefit from license recognition, you must possess a valid health license issued by any of the authorities in the UAE.
  2. GSC and PSV Report: You’ll need to submit a UAE Good Standing Certificate (GSC) and an updated comprehensive Primary Source Verification (PSV) report as requested by the new Health Authority.
  3. Title Consistency: Your recognized license will grant you the same title as previously granted if it’s listed in the PQR. You cannot apply for a higher or lower title unless you meet the specific requirements outlined in the PQR.
  4. UAE License Validity Period: If your UAE Health license has expired or been cancelled, it must not exceed six (6) months of expiry at the time of your application to be considered for recognition.

Typically, non-UAE nationals may face eligibility restrictions on practicing again if they exceed five (5) years. However, the Gap of Practice is recognized from crossing the two (2) years.

In case you fail to obtain your license before this specified period elapses, you will need to fulfill the following to stay on your healthcare track and avoid interrupting your career.

  1. Clinical Training Program: You are required to complete an accredited clinical training program in your specialty field. It is essential that this program takes place in an Approved Practice Setting (APS) recognized by the Authorities.
  2. CME/CPD Credits: If your clinical practice gap exceeds two (2) years, you will need Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. These credits should align with your specialty and meet the standards set by UAE Authorities.

1.        Reserve a Trade Name from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

2.      Obtain initial approval of Health facilities

3.      Prepare your facility for inspection as per the standard

4.      Get Approval from the health authority

5.      Get Your Documents Submitted

6.      Get Your Final Approval

7.       Get your final health License

The health facility  license to will be considered expired by force of law in any of the following cases:

  • The facility’s ownership is transferred to another owner other than whose name the facility health license was issued
  • The facility gets closed for a period of six consecutive months
  • The facility fails to commence its activity after the elapse of over six months from the date of licensing.

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The company offers exceptional insights and high-quality services to enhance healthcare services for our valued clients and the communities they serve.
With our deep expertise in the health sector and integrated service lines, we empower clients to capitalize on emerging healthcare opportunities whileeffectively managing risks for responsible growth in the sector.

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