MOH Licence UAE- Ministry of Health and Prevention Licensing Services

✔ The MOH license is a permit issued by the Ministry of Health and Prevention,
the regulator that oversees the health sector in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates.
✔ The candidate must apply for the MOH health license UAE examination to practice medicine in this medicine in this region and pass the MOH Prometric/oral examination to practice medicine in
Sharjah and the northern emirates.

UAE MOH License Registration & Renewal Requirements for Healthcare Professionals

Nursing and Allied health professionals MOH License.

Nursing and Allied Health Professionals seeking to work in Sharjah and Northern emirates must be from internationally recognized nursing or paramedical colleges/Universities with Bachelor’s degrees with a course duration of not less than three (3) years. Or a Diploma not less than eighteen (18) months if applying as an Assistant. You must also have two years post qualification experience if you apply as an allied health professional. And no post-qualification experience if applying as a nurse.

General Practitioners MOH License

General Practitioners applying for MOH LICENSE Licenses are required to have Qualifications of BBS or MBChB or equivalent qualification from a recognized Medical School/College of Medicine. The candidate also needs to complete the internship program and two (2) years of clinical experience post-qualification.

Specialist physicians applying for MOH LICENSE 

Specialist physicians can apply for Specialist Title in MOH LICENSE by completing MBBS or MBChB qualification from a recognized Medical School/College of Medicine in the UAE and must complete this specialty, along with three years of post-qualification experience if qualifications under Tier (3). And no post-qualification experience if under (Tier (1) or (2) 

Consultant physicians MOH License 

Consultant physicians whowish to practice in MOH LICENSE as a consultant must have an MBBS or MBChB from a recognized Medical School/College of Medicine, along with their specialty qualification per the Recognized Specialty Certificate. There are two tiers of consultation certificates, Tier (1) and Tier (2). Tier-1 consultants must have two years post-qualification experience, while Tier-2 consultants need five years of post-qualification experience.

How do we process your MOH License Application?

Healthcare professionals are submitting incorrect papers when they are not experienced with the UAE licensing standards and credentials submissions in the UAE. This will decrease their chance of acquiring a license to practice in the UAE;

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Our MOH Licensing Service will include 

Specialist Physician

General Practitioner

Nurse/Allied Health

MOH License UAE for Surgeon/Orthodontic/InternalMedicine/Family Medicine/dermatologist/Others

Package includes:-

MOH License UAE for Medical General Practitioner / Dental General Practitioner

Package includes:-

MOH License UAE for
Nurses, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist, Medical Laboratory and others

Package includes:-

MOH Health license UAE’s requirements for nursing, physiotherapist, dentist, and specialist doctors.

Apply For MOH License Registration in the UAE

Unihealth Consultancy can quickly speed up the process of MOH licensing Department approvals. It’s an online-based service for candidates planning to apply for a moh dental license, moh license for pharmacist, moh license for nursing, and moh doctor license to work in Sharjah, Ajman & Ras Al Khaimah.

You can now apply for MOH Licensing in UAE or call back directly from our website. Our easy-to-use application form will take a few minutes to fill out. We also provide free email updates throughout your application process, so there’s no need to worry about missing an important deadline or hearing from us before we’ve had a chance to get back to you.

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