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Healthcare management outsourcing service is the most economical way to operate your health facility efficiently without bearing extra costs. We are an excellent approach for health investors who want to focus on their core services and optimize their facility's resources

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We specialize in planning for healthcare facilities that meet international standards and ensure optimal resource utilization. We have the expertise to develop a design concept that meets your vision.

Healthcare Professional Licensing Services

We have helped many health professionals to peruse their successful health careers in the UAE, Our team is well experienced in the UAE professional qualification standards; we make you avoid the wrong submission of your application to save your money and time.




Why Unihealth Consultancy?


  • We are a team of expert consultants in the healthcare industry working alongside regulatory bodies such as the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOH), and the department of health Abu Dhabi (DOH/HAAD).
  • We know the UAE market, have the experience and are an ethical company focused on your needs.
  • We are an Affordable healthcare management partner. We are transparent and honest and offer high-quality ideal solutions tailored to our partner’s needs.
  • We are passionate about our work and strive to deliver exceptional client results. We are the best at what we do, and we would love to
  • We understand the needs of our clients, no matter what size or scope of your business.
  • We are a team of highly qualified and experienced people who have been in the business for years.

Get To Know How We Work

We start this process by reviewing your detailed project and studying all relevant information. Then we analyze it to identify the gap and necessary actions. Finally, our consultant will provide you with an action plan to comply with the standards.

Study your Case

We go through your detailed projected we study all relevant information.

Data Analysis

We do analysis to identify gap and necessary actions


Our consultant will provide you the action plan to comply with the standards 


Once agreement is side we will start implementation

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Our team has deep experience dealing with the below entities; we are committed to ensuring consistent and quality results.

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Our Healthcare Consultant is ready to assist you with the better advices

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Find Out Health Professional Experience with us

We have proudly helped lots of candidates to start their career in UAE and happy to hear their feedback

Moahmed Mahmoud
Physiotherapy,Al wahda Sports Clup, Abu Dhabi
افضل مكان تعامل وتخليص جميع الاوراق الخاصه بالرخصه بدايه من الامتحان وحتى استلام رخصتك دقه ممتازه سرعه فى الاداء فاعليه فى الاستجابه تعاون فوق الوصف امان و ضمان و دقه وسرعه خالص الشكر لكم تحياتى لحميع القائمين بالمكان.
Rami Elsherbini
GP Dentist, Abu Dhabi
I got two active licenses within very short time. Thank you for your very smooth transactions
Ruchi Thakur
Specialist Thakur
Thanks for your support
Fatima Elnabraway
Medical Laboratory technologist, PHD Laboratory -Dubai
تجربه ممتازه من حيث السرعه والتسهيل
Lamees Al Qiz
General Practitioner
hey even issued my license in one week, highly recommend them without wasting your time and money.
RN Nurse,Ain Al Khaleej Hospital - Al Ain
I am very grateful that I met mr.mahmud the time I need help, had a very smooth transactions with him
Speech Therapist, Real health centre-Al ain
Got DHA Active license and transferred to DOH as speech therapist. Thanks a lot
Saleh Rababah
Speech Therapist, Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital-Abu dhabi
تسلموا ماقصرتم
Jismy Jose
Registered Nurse, Emirates Hospital, Abu dhabi
Thank you for your efforts
Shady Hegazi
Cardiologist ,Ain Al Khaleej Hospital - Al Ain
Thank you for the good job
Abdallah Naim Ahmad Dodin
Physiotherapist, International Knee & Joint Centre Abu Dhabi
يعطيكم العافيه علي الجهد المذول ماقصرتم
Ghassen Zouaghi
Anesthesia technologist
بنشرك فريق العمل علي المجهود المبذول لأصدار ترخيص هيئه الصحه ابوظبي
Melissa Perey
Registered Nurse, Arab French Home health Care-Al ain
This team will do anything for you. They make my situation possible as if i cannot take my exam but with this team they made all things possible to u with the help of the Lord Almighty
Ahmed Mohammed albashir
General Practitioner, Pure Health Abu Dhabi
Thanks for your great services... Thanks for your cooperation.
Sharish Arukala
Physiotherapy, Royal Family Sheik Saif Bin Zayed
Got my HAAD License re registered and activated again ..Great Job
Mohamed Fawzi
Specialist ENT ,Ain Al Khaleej Hospital - Al Ain
DHA and MOH License got upgraded as Consultant ENT .. Thanks a lot

Frequently Asked Questions!

No, it’s not required but health facilities should have a medical director and health professionals according to their operation specialties.  

You have to meet the licensing criteria according to the UAE unified requirements

Some facilities can be owned 100% by foreigners as per new UAE rules and others require a service agent or UAE Ownership

Candidate can transfer it as long it’s active or expired within a maximum on six months from the cancelation date

  • If less than 2 years, you can apply without any additional requirements.
  • From 2-5 years, you will be needing to acquire a clinical training program accredited by Regulatory Authority in the specialty field.

1.        Reserve a Trade Name from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

2.      Obtain initial approval of Health facilities

3.      Prepare your facility for inspection as per the standard

4.      Get Approval from DHA

5.      Get Your Documents Submitted

6.      Get Your Final Approval

7.       Get your final health License

The health facility  license to will be considered expired by force of law in any of the following cases:

  • The facility’s ownership is transferred to another owner other than whose name the facility health license was issued
  • The facility gets closed for a period of six consecutive months
  • The facility fails to commence its activity after the elapse of over six months from the date of licensing.

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