Transfer Your DHA -MOH- DOH/HAAD into Active License

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How to transfer DHA-MOH-HAAD license /Eligibility letter to Another Authority

Transferring DHA-MOH-AAD health professional license to another health authority in uae usually require to have activated license for 3 month minimum period mean while if you have only eligibility letter  for a specific health authority then it wouldn’t be easy join or seek job offer from another health authority. At Unihealth consultancy we are facilitate activating your health professional license in order to  remove your career borders enable you to get more job opportunity all over united Arab emirates and not only the specific authority which the exam taken for

Health Professionals with Examination /Eligibility letter only

Health professionals who holding Only Eligibility letter Can work only within specific area as below
  1. DHA(Dubai Health Authority) Exam : allows health professionals to work and find job only within Dubai city
  2. MOH (Ministry Of Health) Exam: allows health professionals want to work and find jobs within northern emirates Sharjah · Ras al Khaimah · Fujairah · Umm al Quwain · Ajman
  3. HAAD/DOH (Department of health) : allows you to work and find job within (Abu Dhabi-Al ain and western region.

Health Professional with active license

Health professionals who holding active license
  1. For license holder can work in full Emirates and transfer his license to any authority in UAE
License transfer/eligibility transfer Service


At Unihealth  Management Consultancy we provide unique temporary placement solutions as we enable health professionals candidates to have their eligibility letter activated under one of the owned managed medical centers across UAE shall become a license holder for a temporary 3-month placement under the desired authority where the eligibility letter is issued from.

The service is suitable for you if you are one of the below candidates

  • Health Professionals Got Job Offers from Different Authority
  • Health Professional Taken DHA Exam but residing in Abu Dhabi or the Northern Emirates
  • Health professionals already set and fail in exam
  • Health Professionals who are haven’t got a job yet
  • Employers are asking for an active License not only an Eligibility letter
  • Health professionals near to have GAP of practice
Documents required to transfer DHA License to MOH or HAAD License
  • An active license from the current facility or canceled license not more than 6 month
  • Recent Good standing certificate, not more than 6 months if a license to be transferred to MOH
  • Experience letter, not more than 2 years
  • Dataflow report
  • Educational certificate
  • Home country license
  • Passport copy

FAQ Questions

The below information will help you to better understand the service

How to activate a health professional license

In order to activate a health professional license you need to have to sponsor a facility under the same authority that issued the eligibility letter

What is the minimum period required to transfer my license to a different authority?

The minimum period to transfer DHA License to another authority is 3 month period, and the period required for MOH& HAAD

What is the validity of a good standing certificate?

Good standing is valid for 6 month periods for DHA and MOH but DOH authority requires recent good standing not more than 3 month period

How do I renew my Eligibility letter?

In order to renew the eligibility registration you need to have Verified recent experience certificate and recent good standing add

Is it possible to get more than a medical license at the same time

Yes you can get 3 medical licenses but only one full-time labor contract and another part-time contract under another authority

Do I have to be in UAE in order to get my license

You don’t have to be in UAE during any license registration unless you have oral exam only

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