5-What are the UAE health examination exemption criteria

Here is how you can get exempted from further examination:
  1. Exemption for Active License Holders:
    Healthcare professionals who currently possess an active registration/license from certain UAE health regulatory bodies (dha-moh-doh) can be eligible for exemption from the assessment required to obtain a professional license. This is in accordance with the Exam Equivalency Criteria.
  2. Exemption for Recognized Tier 1 Specialty:
    Healthcare professionals holding recognized Tier 1 specialty certificates from the following countries are also eligible for exemption:
    Austria Finland
    Luxembourg South Africa
    Australia France
    Netherlands Sweden
    Belgium Germany
    New Zealand Switzerland
    Canada Iceland
    Norway UK
    Denmark Ireland
    Singapore USA
Important Clarification: please note that this exemption applies exclusively to the assessment requirements. It does not exempt individuals from fulfilling other essential licensure criteria, including credentialing, experience, and PSV, among others.

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