How to get my license recognized by the UAE health authorities?

To have your license recognized by the UAE health authorities (DHA, MOH, DOH, or HAAD), you need to follow certain steps:
  1. Possess a Valid UAE License:
    You must hold a valid health license issued by any of the authorities in the UAE.
  2. Submit GSC and PSV Report:
    Provide a UAE Good Standing Certificate (GSC) and an updated comprehensive Primary Source Verification (PSV) report as requested by the new Health Authority.
  3. Ensure Title Consistency:
    Your recognized license will grant you the same title as previously granted if it’s listed in the Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR). You cannot apply for a higher or lower title unless meeting specific requirements outlined in the PQR.
  4. Maintain UAE License Validity:
    If your UAE Health license has expired or been canceled, it must not exceed six (6) months of expiry at the time of your application to be considered for recognition.

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