DHA Eligibility letter is valid for one year and its renewable every year till Exam is valid
Exam Validity is 5 years for MOH-DHA-DOH/HAAD Authority
There are 6 Equivalent examination with, candidate with one of them are exempted from UAE Examination 1-Australia -Fellowship of the Royal College/ Colleges Certification 2-Canada – Specialization Certificate of the RCPS or Certification by the College of Family Physicians Canada (CFPC) 3-Ireland – Certificate of Satisfactory completion of training (CSCST) 4-New Zealand-Fellowship of the Royal College/ Colleges Certification 5-UK-Certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST) Or Certificated of completion of Training (CCT) Or Certificate of completion of training (CCT) in general practice
1-DHA license require Minimum 3 months period 2-MOH License doesn\’t require certain minimum period 3-DOH/HAAD license doesn\’t require certain minimum period
Good standing Certificate is valid for 6 months period
No Eligibility letter cant be transferred but license can be transferred
Health professional can set 3 times only for exam across UAE authority
If health professional already set 3 times for exam he still can apply for higher title only