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Efficient UAE Health License Transfer | Unihealth - DHA, MOH, DOH Support

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wondering if you only have the eligibility letter......!

Although the transfer of the eligibility letter to another
health authority like DHA, DOH, or MOH is not possible until it becomes an active license, Unihealth Consultancy offers ultimate solutions to swiftly and seamlessly convert your eligibility letter into an active license.

By becoming an active license holder, you gain the freedom
to transfer it to any health authority in the UAE and begin working right away.


The License Transfer Criteria and Requirements With The UAE Health Authorities

Here are the key points to consider when seeking recognition for your license within DOH, MOH, and DHA:

  1. A Valid UAE License: To benefit from license recognition, you must possess a valid health license issued by the UAE Health Authorities
  2. GSC and PSV Report: You’ll need to submit a UAE Good Standing Certificate (GSC) and an updated comprehensive Primary Source Verification (PSV) report as requested by the new Health Authority.
  3. Title Consistency: Your recognized license will grant you the same title as previously granted if it’s listed in the PQR. You cannot apply for a higher or lower title unless you meet the specific requirements outlined in the PQR.
  4. UAE License Validity Period: If your UAE Health license has expired or been cancelled, it must not exceed six (6) months of expiry at the time of your application to be considered for recognition.

The Health License Transfer Transfer Journey: Step-by-Step Process for Seamless Transfer

  1. Eligibility Assessment: We evaluate your educational qualifications, experience, and language proficiency to determine your eligibility for licensure.
  2. Creating UAE Pass and Account Registration: A new account will be created. If you already have an existing account, it’s advisable to use the same account to avoid any application interruptions during the processing of the new registration.
  3. Primary Source Verification (PSV): Current DataFlow reports need to be updated with the new UAE health license, UAE GSC, and training certificates. The information will undergo PSV, ensuring the authenticity of your credentials directly from the issuing institutions.
  4. Linking to a Health Facility: A nomination letter will be provided by your new employer, indicating the facility’s MF code.
  5. Application and Documentation: The final step involves submitting the registration application. This undergoes a comprehensive review by a credential officer. If it meets the criteria, the application moves forward to CID approval. Once all steps are completed, your license will be due for payment and issuance.

Know About The Health License Transfer With The UAE Health Regulation

Unihealth Consultancy can provide you with a detailed overview of the eligibility requirements and criteria for transferring your healthcare license within the three major health authorities in the UAE: Department of Health (DOH), Ministry of Health (MOH), and Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

License Transfer to DOH

License Transfer to DOH

Transferring your license from DHA/MOH to the Department of Health Abu Dhabi (DOH) provides healthcare professionals with the opportunity to work in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain cities

License Transfer to DHA

License Transfer to DHA

Transferring  your  MOH/ DOH professional license to DHA(Dubai health authority ) provides healthcare
professionals with expanded work opportunities in Dubai, one of the largest
cities in the UAE)

License Transfer to MOH

License Transfer to MOH

Transferring your license from DHA/DOH to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOH) provides healthcare professionals with the opportunity to work under MOH supervision in Sharjah and the northern emirates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transferring from DHA doesn’t require any minimum waiting period as per the new rule

Transferring from DOH requires a minimum of 3 months waiting period

Transfer from MOH doesn’t require a minimum waiting period

Learn more about the license transfer waiting period between the DHA-DOH-MOH

Yes, each health professional can have up to 3 active licenses under different authorities.

No, for DOH you must have a medical facility to get the final DOH license.

Unihealth consultancy provides sponsoring solutions for health professionals where they can obtain final license without waiting for an offer letter and later on they wait to get better offer and move to the new desired facility 

Usually, if candidates are applying to transfer to DOH health authority then they ask for recent good standing.

No, the transfer can be done without being a health professional In UAE.

Ask us for more on Health License Transfer Criteria in UAE

We can help you – 

  • Convert or transfer DHA license
  • Convert DHA license to MOH license
  • MOH license transfer to HAAD
  • Convert DHA license to moh
  • HAAD to DHA license transfer
  • HAAD license transfer to DHA
  • License transfer to HAAD without exam
  • License transfer to DOH
  • DHA license transfer to MOH or HAAD

Validity is 6 month period for MOH & DHA, DOH 3 months only.

Usually, the standard time is four weeks times however it could vary depending on the source reply to the data flow company.

Transfer can be done within 6 months’ time from the cancelation date.

The transfer application would be considered an exam application if the candidate wishes to get exempted from the exam he has to reactivate the license again.